Film Analysis

The movie Citizen Kane was made in 1941 and directed by Orsen Welles. This classic film is a story about a man who “hits it big” in the news paper industry. After his huge success in the business world, detectives try to discover the meaning of his last utterance as he passes away muttering the word “rosebud” The scene that I found that caught me by the eye the most was the introduction to the movie. A compilation of many short scenes together gives the movie an eerie beginning and draws a viewer in with its mysterious looking transitions. I feel this introduction directly relates to the  detective theme in the sense that your not really sure whats going to happen and that your always second guessing your thoughts on what the conclusion can be.There’s no better way to hook a viewer in then by the intro and Orsen Welles tackles that strategy beautifully.

The scene that I chose to analyze was the beginning of the movie until the words “News on the March” appear. I feel that not only is this the most eye grabbing scene in the movie but it is the most important in explaining the idea of the movie. The movie starts off by fading in black to the view of a fence. The camera slowly moves vertically trying to exaggerate the height of the fence. The scene is dark. There is little to no lighting in the first scene and that really gives it an eerie sense as to whats about to happen. The camera continues to scale upward until it transitions into the next clip which is very similar to the first. The camera shows another fence with a different pattern but again with the same ultra dim lighting. Finally the camera does it one more time with a very gothic looking fence finally coming to the top of the fence where a large letter K proudly sits. I find by showing these different types of fences Welles is trying to hint at something being guarded. The next few scenes in the movie are pictures of the house that is being guarded by these massive fences in different parts of the property. Like the last few clips, these clips are very dark. There is little light and the music during this all is very creepy. There is a very nerve racking ambiance to the sound in the intro. The tune has a lot of bass in it almost giving it that gargantuan feel. I think the sound in the intro is to emphasize the scale of this house and how massive the property actually is. The ending of the scene starts with a close shot of a mans face, only showing his mouth as he says the word “rosebud”. The camera then moves out to only a view of the mans hand and shows him dropping some sort of important object. The last scene to be shown is the image of a very gothic looking window as the clip fades to black and the music comes to an end.

I feel that the intro very much depicts the rest of the movie in the sense that it gives you very little knowledge as to what is going on. I feel that since the movie is about detectives trying to figure out what the meaning of “rosebud” is it almost makes you feel like your a detective yourself. The job of a detective is to find out more information on a topic that he knows little about and what I found I liked most about this movie was that Orsen Welles gives you the option of what you think is happening. I was on my toes the whole movie trying to figure out the meaning to this word “rosebud” as were the detectives and I feel without the catchy intro the movie would loose much of its attention grabbing.


Justin Skydiving 2010

This is probably the last work i’ve done. I edited my friends skydiving video. He requested the song that’s in it. I think my favorite part of the movie is the inital jump out of the plane perfectly qued up to the song saying “I feel so alive.” Let me know what you think!

Justin Skydiving 2010 (Press download)


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