I was very interested in what Queens College had to offer me when i first was accepted. I was hoping on some kind of movie editing gig and i lucked out. I later joined community #11 at my freshman orientation, Media Studies. I am hoping from this class i can further expand my knowledge in movie making and producing. I’ve had experience with many programs ranging from the basic boundaries of Windows Movie Maker (WMM) to the more vast customary programs like Sony Vegas 7. I have a few short flicks under my belt but nothing too monumental. As of now i’ve only worked with editing movies that were game related and slideshow based. I hope that this class will let me see the full aspects of movie making and what it really means to “make a movie.”

Skydiving 2010

Pretty self explanatory. This summer I went skydiving. The place offers to make you a movie but i just asked for the raw footage and did it myself. This was the first video i’ve made on my mac using imovie. Please excuse my language, falling 10,000 feet is hard to not curse about haha.

Poconos Slideshow 2009:

About 20 friends and I rented a house in the poconos last winter. We stayed for 3 nights, this is our story. The intro has “tik tok” by kesha in the back round and if you listen carefully i blend it into the slideshow. It took way to long to perfect but it was worth it =P

Blacklight Party 2009:

Last October my brothers and i threw the biggest party ever!! Without the consent of my parents (shhh!) we put paper on the walls, threw on some backlights and gave people highlighters meanwhile my parents enjoyed a nice vacation in Italy. Shout out to DJ Phat Pat. Notice the slideshow to video transition, that’s probably my favorite aspect of the movie.

n0thing’ but headshots (contributed footage/editing suggestions, i am not the producer though)

This video was made years ago but it’s still one of my favorites. A good friend of mine is the producer and him and i brainstormed ideas for this movie for endless nights. Great flick.

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